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For centuries people have been settling in this magical place where the mountain meets the sea and where a bank of fog billows out a milky cloud creating a unique environment for habitation... Not for nothing the village was named Dhabab, which means “fog” in Arabic.

Dhabab is fringed by idyllic beaches and is blessed to have the majestic Al Hajjar Mountains as its backdrop. Situated on the beautiful coast of Gulf of Oman, it is within a short scenic drive to some of the country’s best tourist attractions. It offers everything from sea, mountains and wadis and is conveniently only an hour drive from the capital Muscat- half way to the old trading Sur city.



Climate: Dhabab is blessed with a pleasent climate due to a soft breeze coming from the sea. The temperature in usually 5degC lower than in Muscat.

Wildlife: Take advantage of being by the most beautiful, warm and transparently clear waters of the Gulf of Oman. There is abundance of fish and turtles foraging just few meters off the shore..